Natural Straight European Remi Cuticle 100% Human Hair Extensions, handtied 28 in.

 Natural Straight European Remi Cuticle 100% Human Hair Extensions
Natural Straight European Remi Cuticle 100% Human Hair Extensions
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Product Description

 Natural Straight European Remi Cuticle 100% Human Hair Extensions
28 inches long Natural Straight European Remi Cuticle Virgin 100% Human hair extensions. Luxurious premium quality. Lasts 6 months to a year with proper care. Hand weft is a micro thin weft has a very thin fine handmade stitching at the top to create a almost invisible flat look when completed. The absolute best hair extensions available on the market. Malaikashair is always quality Remi hair that is unprocessed long lasting virgin hair. The hair is cut, and tied in one direction resulting in tangle free hair. This hair is excellent for wig making as well as weaving. To view more sizes and colors click arrow for sizes. European texture is a finer quality, thinner strands and lightweight hair. We have many different textures that blend well for all types of clients. You can send in samples of your hair to match. With our variety of hair textures you are sure to find something that will suit you well. Natural Colors: Black, dark brown, light brown, and platinum blonde and custom colors. Please see our color ring on home page. Do not cut weft. To view more sizes and colors click arrow. Models hair color is an ash brown color number 8. Colors will vary based on computer monitors

How to apply Handtied Hair Extensions:

First decide what style you want to acheive. Do you want a part in the middle on the side. How much hair you want to leave out to cover the hair extensions. Part with a comb and section off the hair with clips. Match the clients hair with the handtied hair extensions as much as possible to ensure proper blending. Part the hair in the area where the handties are going to be positioned. The part should be a even line extending from side to side depending on the style. You can cornrow the clients hair using a very small amount of hair. Make sure the cornrows are not bulky or too big. Decide how many cornrows you need to apply. These cornrows are called tracks. After completing the track sew the handtied hair extension onto the track with hair weaving thread and hair weaving needle. The needle should be a L shape or C shape. The hair weaving needle goes over under and around the handtied weft and track. After completing a track go over it a second time with weaving thread to ensure it is stable and reinforce the sew-in weave. Do not cut handties as it can cause it to unravel at the top. You will be applying three to four layers of handtied hair extensions for a full look so that can be anywhere between 4 to 8 ounces of hair.