hair extension

There are many ways to apply remy human hair extensions. One of the oldest methods is called basket weave or cornrowing. This involves braiding the clients hair very close to the scalp and sewing the hair wefts to the cornrows using thread and a weaving needle.. this technique can be used for all types of hair textures. If you have very silky or fine hair you will need to reinforce by sewing over the wefts several times to make sure it stays put. Cornrow hair weaves can last 1 to 3 months with monthly retightening using thread and weaving needle. This technique of applying hair extensions is loved by many and used alot because it allows your own hair to rest and grow from constant heat styling and chemicals. When your hair is properly weaved you can acheive almost any color or style without damaging your own hair.

Washing your sew in hair extensions

It is recommended that you wash your weave and scalp every 3 to 5 days. If it is new wait a little longer so you dont loosen the cornrows too soon. Take a medium applicator bottle with a pointed tip. Make sure bottle is empty and clean and add half shampoo and water. Shake until well mixed. Part your hair wefts and squeeze shampoo water solution between wefted hair onto your scalp. This is good to eliminate excess of shampoo stuck into braiding. Apply conditioning shampoo on ends of hair. You can lift hair extensions and gently brush scalp with a soft baby tooth brush to loosen any buildup and it stimulates the blood flow to the scalp. Rinse several times. Once clean dry with handheld dryer on medium heat. Make sure you lift hair wefts and dry well. You can sit under hooded dryer. If you stick your finger under the hair weft and it is still wet you need to stay under dryer longer. Be prepared to sit for at least 2 hours to dry your hair under your weave. When you throughly dry your hair weave it will last longer and look beautiful. Spray leave in conditioner or few drops of light natural oil like joboba or olive etc to moisturize scalp and hair extension. Style as desired. Never use petroleum based products on scalp or hair as it leaves heavy buildup.